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★ (444) April 28, 2012 / via thghtsnsht  
When the teacher’s teaching a new math lesson…


How you look on the outside:

How you feel on the inside:

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★ (1709) February 28, 2012 / via meezabrownin  
★ (15747) 2 years ago / via ohmygerrika  
I could never hate you.


Not even after all the arguments we had. The pointless fights. The assumptions. The misunderstandings. The broken promises. The accusing of each other. The sleepless nights. The tears. The bullshit. None of that will ever make me hate you. 

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★ (188859) February 1, 2012 / via guevarraa  
I find it cute when a guy protects his girl.


It just proves that they don’t want to see them to get hurt. Like for whatever reasons, he’ll always stick by her side. He’ll always stick by her, regardless of the consequences. He’ll be willing to go through anything just to protect her from getting hurt. I just find it really cute when a guy stands up for his girl. It just shows how much he cares about her.

★ (3339) January 26, 2012 / via joshell